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Credit List: (Movies the owner worked on)

Asset Prep (freelance): Walt Disney Studios - “Kodak Pavillion” animatronic video
Prop Designer: for Cartoon Network's “Hi-Hi Puffy Ami-Yumi Show”
Freelance Animator: WestLund Productions - “Dream On Silly Dreamer”
Story Board Artist: Melwood Pictures - “Planet Rok” pitch pilot.
Freelance Inbetweener EFX: ACME Animation - “Project Green Screen” Season 1
Breakdown Artist: Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida - “Brother Bear”
Inbetweener (freelance): Renegade Animation - “Stitch’s Great Escape” video
Animator: Nick Digital - “The Alan Brady Show” flash animation tv pilot
Freelance Assistant Animator EFX: Curious Pictures - EA Sports “Freekstyle” spot
Sony Image Works / Disney IDEAS / Meatball Productions - Adam Sandler's “Eight Crazy Nights” feature Freelance Animator: Curious Pictures - Pink Panther/Owens Corning 2 commercials
Assistant Director: MTV Animation - “Spy Groove” TV series
Supervising Animator: Jumbo Pictures - “4H Chronicles” tv pilot
Break Down / Inbetween Artist: Dream Works Feature Animation - “The Road to El Dorado” feature
Assistant Animator: Walt Disney Feature Animation - “Beauty and the Beast”, “Off His Rockers”, “Trail Mix-Up”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King”, “Pocahontas”, “Mulan”.

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