Marketing Consulting

bulletpoint marketing consulting


You know how to run your business, but consistent branding can get lost in the daily grind. Consider us an extra employee that only focuses on your marketing and branding needs. We will examine your business through our Marketing Evaluation Research; a marketing "tune-up" for your business.

We constantly keep abreast of new trends, so once a strategy is in place to address your needs, we implement it with cutting edge tactics, not out of date methods.

Whether it's image advertising or direct marketing we can help, but first we plan where your brand needs to go and how to get there. We can facilitate the media buying process (the placing your ads) by comparison shopping for you. We will do the research to find the best mediums and outlets to advertise with, to get you cost effective options.
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"In the river of consumerism, if you don't know where your brand is headed, you will be lead by that river - and it will drop your brand right over the falls!"

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