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Live Action Video, Editing and Audio:
Live Action Video is used when you don't want to make an animated commercial, but want all the impact of moving visuals and sound.
Video proves to be one of the most cost effective ways to deliver a message - perfect for small business... However, a poorly made video only hurts your branding or message. We have access to professional musicians, voice actors, cameramen and editors.

Story Boarding and Animatics:
Story Boarding and Animatics go hand in hand with an commercial production regardless if it's Live Action, Animation or Motion Graphics. Story Boarding and Animatics are blueprints that help you avoid costly mistakes before spending money when planning to use video or animation.

Event Planning (Graphics for an event):
Have an upcoming event? Need a convention display? Want to attract attention to your non-profit fund raiser? Hosting an outdoor sales event? Get noticed! Through our partners we'll help you craft your event to entertain while simultaneously promoting your company.